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FileMaker 20 (2023) for Windows

(FileMaker Pro & Server and related files and documents)


Revised on 7/7/2024

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FileMaker for Lackner Software

 FMP, Launcher v2.0.0.5, Lackner Connect v0.0.0.20

This is the NEW, all-in-one installer for 6-in-1 and InheriTax.  If Server is being installed, this should be installed additionally for administrative purposes.






New and Update





Other Downloads

These already exist in the Desktop and Server install packages above but are available individually here for convenience.




pdfFactory Pro 3.52

For workstation use (not Terminal Server or Citrix)

Download installation instructions here



License Cert

Sometimes needed to update FMP/FMS licenses.


pdfFactory Pro 4.05 Server Edition

For use on shared instances like Terminal Server & Citrix

Download installation instructions here



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